“Emma” – Rocket stove for Larpers

Zeltofen udn Raketenofen für's LARP

For the late season of the Larp, so when it gets colder again outside, I’ve looked around for ways to possibly heat tent by means of an oven. It was important to me, of course, that this looks as cool and authentic, as I personally put a lot of emphasis on it, that as much as possible in the tent is ambient moderate. And then I came across a product, which I found so innovative that I also wanted to introduce it once in the blog! Find that just great. In this article, you will learn something about backgrounds and where to get the pretty “rocket stove Emma”.

What is a “rocket stove” and what does that mean?

To sum up: A rocket oven gets its name from the sound that comes when burning in the pipe, this sound is reminiscent of a rocket ;-) The essence of a rocket stove is that different combustion principles are combined and the furnace burns very efficiently and quite simply a lot of power brings. Especially nice with the featured model: Thanks to the (ambietetauglichen) and mobile use. Actually a must-have for every medieval festival and every con!

Do you get a big tent warm with it?

So I have not ordered yet, but that will come soon, if I have a little money put back, you can finally use the oven in the garden, then cooking, etc., etc. … If you look at the videos below, then I would assume once rock solid, that our 6x6m yurt can heat perfectly, a little to seal the tent webs we must still :-)

Possible use according to the manufacturer

  • as a powerful tent heater
  • for cooking and frying
  • as a mobile, wood-powered heater
  • as a heat donor for evening cozy rounds around the fire

Where can you buy the rocket stove?

You can buy it in europe at http://raketen-ofen.de.

Raketenofen im Shop


Videos for the product

If you are interested in watching the videos, you can see what “Emma” can do and how much the thing does.

More Information

Was ist ein Raketenofen? (German)

Manufacturer (English + German)

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